Awesome Free Stuff

I got free stuff today. Really awesome stuff.

Don't be jealous. I mean, I know I just went to Hawaii, and I just got an awesome computer. I mean, how much does one gal deserve, right? But, apparently today the universe decided I deserve a free BLT and chips, and free software for my new laptop!

I think the universe is right. I've really been getting shit on lately. It's hard to write about, as I don't like to complain, or to blog about my job. I mean, I love Dooce, but I don't want that kind of upheaval in my life right now. And, frankly, I shouldn't complain too much about having a really good job in the current state of the economy. So, I won't. But, suffice it to say its been a rough few months.

Not to mention I have a 12 year old daughter.

So, today, I have to leave early to take Elise to the orthodontist, and I'm working through lunch. I didn't bring anything to eat, but I remembered I left a giant orange in the fridge last week. I snarf that at noon and by 2:00 I am ravenous. So, I go down to the cafe on the first floor of our building to get a bag of chips. And the WHOLE place smells like bacon. I opened the door and it was a bacon assault. And then, in the dishes where they always have free samples, they have slices of their bacon-stuffed breakfast croissant, which was deceptively delicious. (It doesn't look like much.) So now I want some bacon. They just put a BLT on their menu. I want it. I don't want to spend any money. But, oh, the baaacon smells so good. There was no fighting it.

I order my BLT and chips, to go. I feel slightly guilty. I shouldn't have spent $8 on this. A bag of chips would have gotten me to the end of the day, there was only 2 more hours. Whatever. My Morning Jacket is playing, LOUD, and I love it, and I'm trying not to beat up on myself too much anymore. It is amazing how many trivial issues the mind, or the ego, or whatever, will take up in order to beat down our spirit, isn't it? I've been noticing this a lot lately.

"Oh, um, do you have cash?" The bakery girl interrupts my thoughts. "Our machine is offline, we can't run cards right now."

"No. Who has cash?" I ask.

"Right!" She chuckles and then realizes she has no idea how to handle this situation. "Well, um, hang on."

"I just work upstairs," I say. "I come here all the time, you can ring it up tomorrow and I'll pay you then."

She hesitates, calls the other girl over, who is making a sandwich and more than likely is not a manager, but is definitely the only other person working there.

Bakery girl explains the problem. "What do you think?"

Sandwich girl smiles, throws up her arms, and says, "Free!"

Before I finish saying, "Really?" she says, "Yeah!" and walks back to make my BLT.


And there's more. I got a bunch of software that I desperately needed for my new laptop so I can write papers and my upcoming collection of short stories, finally! (Hold me to it - I've been talking about it for almost a year, and now I have everything I need to make it happen.) And I got to leave work early on a fantastically beautiful, spring-is-in-the-air kind of day, get in and out of the orthodontist in 20 minutes, and then stop by the new house of my super rad friends that I haven't really seen in a long time due to life changing and being busy and what not. They just moved in three blocks from me! And, I get to work with my little elfin fairy friend Darcie everyday, the rad wife, whose rad husband, Dan, gives me mac lessons and software and good conversation and really it's a turkey for me. A trifecta of bonuses! And their awesome new house has an awesome hot tub!

I'm definitely not bringing as much to the table here, but I'm hoping some bruschetta and home-cooked dinner this weekend will begin to show my appreciation. Luckily, Darcie really loves my bruschetta.

I suppose that's a long-enough ramble about all of the good news from my little life in the salty lake. Big stuff really, for me anyway. There's lots more going on - big, groundbreaking shifts in my emotional reality, feeling for the first time in my life like a whole person. Kind of esoteric for the blog I guess. But, things are turning around, spring is coming, and I feel real, solid, serene, filled with gratitude and anticipation for more good things to come.